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Bee Removal & Rescue

 Unlike most bee removal companies we are a full service company, we open the area, remove the bees, and repair the area as it was before. We offer a 1 year warranty on full service jobs including returning bees. We relocate bees to several places in the greater Austin area. We are unable to list pricing as each job is unique but we can quote you via text or phone. 

Why Relocation?

Your biggest investment is your home and relocation, not just removing or killing the bees is the best way to be part of a solution, not the problem. When the bees are on the comb they keep it cool and prevent it from melting. If the bees die or leave any comb or pieces inside the wax and honey will melt and infuse pheromones in the structure. The remaining honey and comb will also attract, cockroaches, ants, rodents, and more bees.

The relocation process removes the bees live on the comb, we cover the all important pheromones, repair the opening, and seal the area to protect your home.

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